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What is Confidence?

People often ask, what is confidence? To determine what is confidence, it is important to understand that many characteristics, and not all of them good, are misinterpreted as confidence.

To define what is confidence, we must throw out cockiness or arrogance. These qualities seem to be belief in oneself, but are often at the expense of others. To truly define what confidence is, we must look at the effects confidence has on the bearer.

1. What is confidence - A person with confidence is able to try new things. A person with confidence can accept challenges and take risks because he or she knows they have skills and experiences to draw from.

Confidence allows a person to step out of their comfort zone and into an uncertain place with grace. This quality makes a person with confidence a good companion on any adventure.

2. What is confidence - A person with confidence can deal with mistakes and criticism appropriately. Confidence allows a person to look at him or herself objectively and decide if certain characteristics or behaviors are really working in their own best interest.

Confidence can open a person up to constructive criticism from others without defense mechanisms like defensiveness getting in the way of good communication. A person with confidence will listen and share with others to work out a situation effectively.

3. What is confidence - A person with confidence is supportive of others because they do not feel it necessary to always be in competition.

A person with confidence can enjoy interpersonal relationships without feeling threatened because they are in touch with their identity and can share with others while maintaining appropriate boundaries.

4. What is confidence - A person with confidence is not perfect, but apologize or rectify situations in which they were wrong.

A person with confidence can handle admitting a mistake or defeat because the mistake does not define who they are.

5. What is confidence - A person with confidence enjoys their life. Lack of confidence can ruin perfectly good days as a person spends hours second-guessing their decisions or the words they spoke.

A person with confidence knows he or she did their best. With this knowledge, a person with confidence can finish a day and feel good about how things went or make notes on how to do things better tomorrow.

These characteristics are fluid in a person with confidence. Because a person with confidence is still a human, they will still have bad days or days with low self esteem.

Allowing for these days, a person with confidence will rebound. Confidence has a lot in common with grace. Confidence addresses adversity or upset with a calm presence of mind and an ability to change according to the needs of a situation.

When you consider what is confidence, it is essential to consider the signposts of confidence to distinguish the trait from its more negative brethren and to truly understand what is confidence.