Self Confidence Building
Self Confidence Building :: improving self confidence

Improving Self Confidence with 3 Simple Instructions

Improving self confidence is a goal of many people because good self confidence affects nearly every part of your life. Improving self confidence can improve work performance, enjoyment of leisure activities, and the joy a person gets out of their relationships.

When you set your mind to improving self confidence, you are taking on a unique task. Where most improvements require looking for the bad parts and fixing them, this type of improvement requires looking for the good parts and really recognizing them.

It is harder for many people to acknowledge and celebrate their strengths than it is for them to list exhaustively their every weakness and negative attribute. To change this mind set, follow these three simple instructions for improving self confidence.

1. Improving self confidence - Celebrate your victories every day. Look for ways to celebrate. Getting out of the bed in the morning can be an achievement. Getting to work on time can be an achievement.

Do you look particularly good in a certain suit? Do you like the way you addressed your coworkers at the staff meeting? Find ways every day to celebrate you performance. This simple mental pat on the back can provide you with increased self esteem for improving self confidence as well as motivation to keep up the good work.

Certainly your pride and enjoyment of your job well done will be apparent to coworkers and bosses who will appreciate your positive attitude even as much as they appreciate your performance.

2. Improving self confidence - Stop negative thoughts before they begin. Do not give in to obsessive negativity or allow negative thoughts to repeatedly creep into your day as they destroy efforts at improving self confidence.

These thoughts can hinder work, decrease your ability to pay attention, and sap all of the enjoyment out of the task your are performing. Give yourself a fighting chance to have a good day and stop negative thoughts in their tracks.

If a thought is particularly hard to get rid of, listen to it. Decide if this thought pertains to your day or if it is a misconception. You may talk to someone you trust for a second opinion, but it is important that you fight for yourself and believe in yourself without the need for someone else to affirm you are a good person every time.

3. Improving self confidence - Try new things and look for new opportunities to grow. When you spread your wings, you no longer rest on the laurels of old accomplishments but afford yourself an opportunity to create new reasons to be proud of yourself and to increase your self esteem.

New adventures and tasks can teach you about strengths you did not know you had and give you an opportunity to address weak areas and practice new skills.

These instructions are easy to follow and make sense. Improving self confidence requires that you decrease the negativity in your life and increase the opportunities you give yourself to excel.

Self confidence is a cyclic beast. The activities you do for improving self confidence and to increase your self esteem will give you the self esteem to participate in more activities that will make you feel good about yourself.

You can begin to build upon your growing self esteem and will see how your daily decisions work together with synergy as a way of improving self confidence.