Self Confidence Building
Self Confidence Building :: how to gain confidence

How to Gain Confidence with 3 Easy Exercises

If you have ever wondered how to gain confidence, look no further. The secret to how to gain confidence is as simple as putting your mind to it!

The following list of three exercises break down the question of how to gain confidence into three easy exercises you can practice each day. As you practice these exercises, you will see how they affect your thought patterns.

You will see that you are less negative and, by degrees, more positive with each day you implement the exercises. These tips are meant to help you understand yourself better, come to appreciate yourself, and handle stress and disappointments with the grace of self confidence.

1. How to gain confidence - Journal every day.

This how to gain confidence exercise sounds generic but it fits this pursuit perfectly. Each day that you journal, take note of your perception of yourself. Be aware of the different times during the day that you were down on yourself.

As you continue to journal, look back and try to recognize patterns in your thinking. Are there trigger thoughts or situations that always make you feel bad about yourself? Are there areas where you are consistently upset with yourself?

As you journal, you can pay attention to these patterns and begin to address them. It is impossible to fix or alter a way of thinking if that way of thinking is not understood. When you journal, you get in writing the very thoughts that affect your self confidence throughout the day.

2. How to gain confidence - Evaluate your current relationships and weed out negativity.

Are you in relationships that are abusive? Get out of them. Are you in relationships with people who are ambivalent to you and with whom you are unsure of your footing? Say good-bye.

Surround yourself with people who are confident and loving, and you will find it easier to be confident and loving throughout your day. Negative and abusive relationships drain energy and create situations in which you will doubt yourself.

Hearing that you are bad or consistently being mistreated sends messages to your mind and heart that you have little worth. Counteract this history of negativity with new relationships that encourage your growth and emphasize your value as a person. This really helps anyone to learn how to gain confidence.

3. How to gain confidence - Try new things.

Be willing to spread your wings and find new areas of strength. When you try new jobs, hobbies, or relationships, you allow yourself to stretch muscles you may not know you had.

You could be excellent at a number of things if you would only let yourself try them. New opportunities and challenges will make you feel good about yourself and will encourage you even further on your road to self confidence. People wonder how to gain confidence, just act on this tip.

How to gain confidence is a question of the ages. There is no pill, and hypnosis and other passive remedies only take for a short time if at all. Gaining self confidence has to be a process that is active and decided.

When you set your mind to getting to know yourself and learning to value yourself, you will see you have already accomplished the hardest step! Learning how to gain confidence is within your grasp. Deciding to have confidence is the number one step in how to gain confidence.