Self Confidence Building
Self Confidence Building :: how to build confidence

How to Build Confidence, One Day at a Time

When you think about how to build confidence, does the task seem huge and unattainable? Do you feel as though you could never figure out how to build confidence, much less utilize the principles in your daily life?

Well, knowing how to build confidence can be a step-by-step process that you follow slowly. Like any change in your life, deciding is the first part, and finding simple ways to enact your decision is the next logical part.

If you take a single week from your month, and dedicate time every day of that week to simple steps that can build self esteem and increase your awareness of yourself, you will find that you can have good self esteem without major life changes or epiphanies.

Day 1: how to build confidence - On Monday, make a list of the negative things you say to yourself. When you write these things down, you can sit down later, when you have moved away from the emotionally charged situation that caused you to feel so negative, and take an objective look at the way you process events in your day.

Take time several times during the day to evaluate how you feel about yourself, and how you feel about your performance that day. This self confidence assessment will give you a better understanding of your baseline confidence level, and help you begin to make small changes to create more self esteem.

Day 2: how to build confidence Respond to your own negativity with a positive thought about yourself. Continue to write down negative thoughts as you did on Monday, but add a positive thought to reinforce you value and worth. Do this to spot blocks to how to build confidence.

Each time you mind tries to switch into a negative or self-hating mode, combat those ugly thoughts with true statements about your attributes or strengths.

Day 3: how to build confidence Avoid spending time with negative people. Surround yourself on this day with posi8tive people who support you and who model good self confidence.

This will give you an environment in which to spread your wings and learn how to build confidence.

Day 4: how to build confidence Spend time today reflecting on major achievements you have accomplished. Pat yourself on the back for the things you have done well.

If times come to mind in which you were not as proud of your performance or reactions, think about how a stronger you will handle this situation next time.

Maintain positivity and objectivity with this exercise. Remember that you can evaluate yourself with the same grace you show other people, and can give yourself a little slack to mess up now and then.

Day 5: how to build confidence Your workweek is over and you have spent four days trying to apply the principles of how to build confidence. Use this day to repeat the exercise from Day one and to evaluate how many negative thoughts you say to yourself.

Honestly evaluate if the time spent during your week being more positive and open to your own strengths has affected the way you interact with other people and knowledge of how to build confidence.

You can begin this process again each week to continue to build on your successes and further your growth. Once you know how to build self confidence, you can continue to improve your world and enhance your life.