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Gaining Confidence and Losing Negativity

The key to gaining confidence is located within an old piece of wisdom: you have to replace a bad habit with a good habit to make the bad habit go away.

Gaining confidence requires letting go of negativity and harsh criticism of yourself. Gaining confidence is an active pursuit that takes effort on your part just as it takes effort to be less negative, but the pursuits are synergistic and reinforce one another.

When you set your mind both to losing negativity and gaining confidence, you will find you succeed in a much quicker, more lasting fashion.

Gaining confidence is not a difficult task to set about, but requires some self reflection. You must look into yourself to discover the root of your lack of self esteem.

Many people have had experiences that have shaken their confidence and caused changes in their behavior to further impress upon them their lack of self esteem.

A bad experience public speaking can make a person feel they are no good at public speaking and cause them to lose any confidence they had in that arena.

They may feel they should not attempt to speak in public or in front of groups of people just because they had one bad experience. To gain confidence in this area, this person must also shed some of that self-doubt so they can try to speak in public again.

Only by getting back on the horse will this person ever learn they truly do have communication skills they can utilize.

Gaining confidence also requires an adjustment of habits and social circles. Habits that are self-defeating will inhibit the gaining confidence process.

If you are truly dedicated to gaining confidence, you must also be willing to address habits that are not working for you. Do you find that you put yourself down in conversations with other people or have a self-defeating sense of humor?

When you decide to gain confidence, you must also work at not putting yourself down. While you may be attempting to make a joke, your subconscious registers these comments and begins to believe them.

Gaining confidence is a worthy use of your time. You can achieve this goal by chancing bad habits and trying new things. You can increase your confidence by acknowledging the good things you do and your successes every day.

You will find that, as your self confidence grows, you are more willing to take measured risks and try new things. This willingness pays off in the recognition of new skills and hobbies that will bring your pleasure as well as broaden your horizons.

Gaining confidence becomes a cyclic process, where each new improvement in your life creates more confidence and inspires more changes to improve your life.

Check out the web for additional resources to gain confidence and other exercises to decrease the negativity in your life. Gaining confidence is an important task to ensure your life brings you all the joy you hope for.