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Confidence Vs Arrogance - Get It Right

Many people have wondered the differences of confidence vs. arrogance. The discussion of confidence vs arrogance brings to light many similarities and differences between the two characteristics.

Confidence vs arrogance also focuses the attention on the way each of these characteristics affects the behavior of a given individual. Below is a list of differences and similarities between these two characteristics.

You can decide for yourself when it comes to confidence vs arrogance which characteristics fit you best accordingly.

1. Confidence vs arrogance both involve believing in one’s abilities.

A person who is confident understands they have certain areas of strength. A person who is arrogant also believes that have certain areas of strength.

A person with confidence will also understand others maybe stronger, and that each person is a complete package of strengths and weaknesses so will remain humble in both. An arrogant person will often neglect to acknowledge weakness in light of playing up the strengths.

2. Confidence vs arrogance often stem from two different roots.

Arrogance is often underplayed by insecurity. An arrogant person tends to be arrogant to compensate for areas of weakness that distress the individual.

An arrogant person may seem to ignore any areas of weakness and only play up areas of strength, but they often do so because of an inability to come to terms with weakness. A confident person finds the root of their confidence in self acceptance - a key confidence vs arrogance difference.

A confident person accepts their weaknesses or faults, even though they may not like them. This acceptance enables the confident person to handle faults with grace and without further compacting the areas of weakness with arrogance. These are key points when understanding confidence vs arrogance.

3. The effects of confidence vs arrogance on relationships clearly mark the difference between the two characteristics. An arrogant person tends to brag and can put others down in an attempt to be the best or come out the coolest.

A confident person is above such antics. They recognize their strengths and weaknesses, and allow that other people will have strengths and weaknesses. A confident person need not make life a competition, so a confident person is often much easier to be around.

An arrogant person can be cocky and difficult to reason with, making conversation difficult and bothersome.

4. The physical manifestations of confidence vs arrogance also help distinguish them.

Arrogance is often associated with a swaggering walk and a posture that is overly commanding and dominating. Body language of an arrogant person differs from that of a confident person.

A confident person can adopt an open and easy posture that allows others to approach them. An arrogant person is often more aggressive and harder to approach.

Confidence vs arrogance involves truly two different characteristics, sharing only a perceived appreciation for a particular strength. Arrogance, sadly, often accompanies a lack of confidence so that the arrogant person still hurts underneath.

The question of confidence vs arrogance is not a difficult one, and most people would rather be on the confident side of the fence.