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7 Powerful Confidence Tips

Even winners need confidence tips to be at their best. And
some good confidence tips are often all you need to keep
on track when you need some inspiration.

When you find the right confidence tips for your life and
apply these simple yet profound confidence tips the quality
of you life can change in a moment.

Here are seven confidence tips for your enjoyment...

1 Spend time each day with confident people.

Their energy and inner strength is so inspiring that you will
find yourself feeling more empowered just by listening to them

And you can get confidence tips from them. All you need to do is ask!
Even one good confidence tip could point you in a whole new direction
you would not have otherwise considered.

2 Find a mentor.

Nearly all successful people have a mentor. You too need
someone who has already done what you are working to achieve
who is willing to advise you and offer confidence tips.

This person will help you to succeed even more quickly than
you can imagine. Remember, two minds are better than one.

When you have someone who believes in you and you have a plan
you believe in -- your confidence will soar. The confidence tips you
learn will make all the difference.

3 Understand that confidence is only a feeling.

This is one of those unusual confidence tips but still very useful.

Have you ever felt confident? If you have ever felt confident
in any situation then you can feel confident again in the

How? By re-accessing that confident feeling. This is something
that is worth doing every day. Spend 15 minutes a day reliving
occasions in your life when you felt confident. Imagine it all
in rich detail and pay very close attention to the feelings of

After only a few days, feeling confident will become a good
habit. And you will appreciate the value of these confidence tips.

4 List your reasons to be confident

Becoming aware of why you can be confident will help you get
back on track. Make a list of at least 50 reasons why you can
be confident today. Include previous successes, your skills
and qualities, your support network and your goals. Put down
everything that pops into your mind.

After you have done this you will have tapped into the power
of consistency. You will be under pressure to be consistent
with your own logic that stated you can be confident.

Again, using confidence tips like this is the only way to see
how powerful they are - thinking about it will make no difference.

5 Make a public declaration

Tell someone whose opinion you value that you will be
confident at a particular event. Your desire to impress this
person will cause you to do all that you can to be at your
very best.

And when you demand more of yourself you will be amazed at
what you can do. You will start finding solutions to problems
that left you stuck and you will seek advice from people who
can help you.

This will force you to get moving, only then will the other
confidence tips make complete sense.

6 Preparation makes perfect

Have you ever watched a top sportsperson in action and
wondered to yourself at how easy she makes it look? Or
listened to your favorite music CD and felt inspired by the
talent of the singer?

These performers live these confidence tips.


How did these superstars get to the top? Practice,
practice and more practice. I read an article about Pavarotti,
the opera singer, and he said he practices daily and he still
learns something new about his voice each day!

When you spend more time honing your skills your confidence
will soar because you will know with certainty that you can
and will perform when the curtain goes up.

7 Self comparison is key

Compare your progress in life with your previous results. Look
to the success of others to learn and not to measure your own

When you put your focus on the daily improvement of your own
skills and abilities you can and will grow very quickly. And
your confidence will surge. You will be a living example of the
power of these simple confidence tips.

Confidence without competence is a dangerous combination.

Make it easy for yourself and only engage in self-comparison
when you are assessing your progress. By doing this you will
make it easier to keep at it when the going gets tough and
your competence will grow day by day.

Now, reading these confidence tips may may you feel better
but remember you really need to use these confidence tips to
see results so go and use these confidence tips right away!

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