Self Confidence Building
Self Confidence Building :: building self confidence

Building Self Confidence The Easy Way

Building self confidence is a top priority for many people. Bui8lding self confidence can be the key to landing a job promotion, talking to people more effectively, and finding more satisfying personal relationships.

Building self confidence is a process that can be broken down to three simple steps. With time and practice of these steps, you could be on your way to increased confidence and pleasure in your life.

A Building self confidence requires awareness of your current level of self confidence and self perception. Do you think negatively of yourself all of the time, or are there certain situations that trigger you to be particularly hard on yourself?

Do you feel like you are good at nothing, or are you good at only a few things? Do you respond to criticism by berating yourself and assuming all responsibility when things go wrong in your life?

As you take time to become aware of your thought patterns, you will become more aware of which situations set off your mental tirade against yourself and in which situations you feel at your best. This information will enable you to follow the next step in building self confidence.

B- Behavior modification is key to building self confidence. Behavior modification is the logical next step after you have become aware of your mental habits.

When you recognize that certain thoughts or situations cause you to react with lowered self esteem, behavior modification would urge you to react in a different way. If you usually clam up in the presence of strangers, you would modify that behavior by attempting to introduce yourself.

Behavior modification need not be extr4eme or overnight, but is critical to achieving the desired changes in your life that ensure building self confidence over time.

C- Surround yourself with a community of people who also have good self confidence. Building self confidence requires the presence of other people with self confidence to model the characteristic and its manifestations in daily life.

Surrounding yourself with negative people who have low self confidence does not create An environment in which you will be able to see your own confidence grow. You must seek out other people who have good self confidence and who would support you as you build your own.

You will learn from them as you watch them deal with challenges and adversity, and will see the way their self esteem impacts their relationships. Another advantage to a community of people with good self esteem is that people who are confident do not need to be petty or put others down to feel better about themselves. You are most likely to get the support and love you need from a community of people who have a healthy level of self confidence - people already good at building self confidence.

Self confidence is available and attainable by all and anyone can do better by focusing on building self confidence. You do not need to find a cure for an exotic disease or be on the cover of a magazine. The key to building self confidence is to practice the ABCs of building self confidence every day.