Self Confidence Building
Self Confidence Building :: building confidence

Building Confidence Made Easy

Building confidence is a noble pursuit but does not have to be a difficult one. Building confidence takes time and attention to one’s personality and self, but can pay off in better understanding and more enjoyment.

A person interested in building confidence can follow a few simple steps to increase self esteem and decrease uncomfortable negative patterns of thought that detract from enjoyable moments and steal away attention spans.

These easy steps, easy as counting to three, need only be practiced regularly to become a habit and way of life for building confidence.

1. Building confidence: listen to your inner voice and work with it.

Many people will tell you to drown out the voice telling you are an awful person. Maybe that voice is really trying to say something else, but does not know how to get your attention. Instead of smothering your negative thoughts, try asking yourself why they might be there.

Often, our thought patterns are a response we generate to stress or other stimuli in our environment. Ask yourself why you might be so hard on yourself. Is something else going on under the surface?

When you take some time to examine your negative thoughts, you might find some useful information and a way to quiet the angry negative monster in your head.

2. Building confidence: fill your day with opportunities to celebrate your accomplishments.

Never miss a chance to relish something you did well, and remember to try new things often so you have more chances for success.

When you celebrate your successes, you send a message to your mind that you are proud of yourself. You also create a pastern of positive thinking that may come to replace self-defeating language and thoughts.

3. Building confidence: increase your interactions with positive people.

Let the people in your life who have self confidence model this characteristic for you. When you surround yourself with positive people, you create an environment in which you can thrive and try out confidence for yourself.

People who will encourage you as you spread your wings and try a new characteristic on for size will surround you.

4. Building confidence: try new things often. Try out hobbies. Try out jobs. Try out new clothes.

As you are building your confidence, you have the opportunity to be who you really are and not what you force yourself to be as you try to comply with what you think people expect of you. You can learn new things about yourself that you might find are really cool.

Building confidence is a long journey and often involves a lot of self discovery. The road to self-fulfillment though, must include this journey. When you concentrate on building confidence, you will find you enjoy your life and relationships much more.