Self Confidence Building
Self Confidence Building :: build self confidence

5 Great Tips to Build Self Confidence

Do you wish to build self confidence? Many people across the world wish every day to build self confidence to enhance their performance and increase their enjoyment of life.

There are five simple steps you can follow to build self confidence and increase your enjoyment of yourself and your interactions with others. It does not require millions of dollars or extensive therapies to build self confidence, only a commitment to practicing some simple steps to create and instill a new thinking pattern.

1. Commit to keeping a journal of your thoughts for two weeks.

This journal is a place to jot down how you feel about yourself and what situations triggered these thoughts and feelings.

This exercise will enable you to better understand your trigger thoughts and scenarios. You will see patterns that you can begin to correct or change with time. You cannot begin to change the problem areas in your way of thinking if you are not really aware of where those problem areas are.

2. Take stock of the people you spend time with and surround yourself with people who are positive and upbeat.

The company you keep will directly influence your attitude, so why not keep company with other people who already know how to build self confidence? People who build self confidence tend to handle stressful situations more successfully, tend to be more supportive, and tend not to be petty or criticize to build themselves up.

3. Take risks. Try new things. Self confidence is cyclical in nature.

When you build self confidence this new self confidence gives you the boost to try new things, and successful completion of new tasks and goals further increases self confidence. Make use of this cycle and begin trying new things right away to learn your strengths and see your new areas of interest.

4. Repeat positive statements about yourself that you know to be true.

Do you think you are a good listener? Remind yourself ten times daily? Are you well organized? Remind yourself that you have this trait working for you. This helps you build self confidence.

When you are aware of your strengths, you can put your weaknesses into perspective.

5. Lastly, fake it until you make it.

As you surround yourself with people who have self confidence and you begin to try new things, give yourself some leeway and tell yourself the confidence is there even when you do not feel it.

You will see this behavior become a pattern, and from this pattern you will build self confidence.

When you make up your mind to act like you have self confidence, you are creating an environment for you to build self confidence - let it grow and flourish.

Making your mind up to change your life and build self confidence is the first step to living a fuller life. You will see doors open and people become more receptive to you as you begin to like yourself and believe in your abilities.

Follow these steps and you will see that you build self confidence every day.