Self Confidence Building
Self Confidence Building :: 1 confidence tips

New Confidence Tips to Build Self Esteem

If you want to have better days and feel better about yourself, consider following some confidence tips. Confidence tips are small ways you can make changes in your day to begin feeling better about yourself and growing in self esteem.

Confidence tips break down the long process to good self confidence with manageable tasks you can do throughout the day. If you are interested in feeling better about yourself, enjoying the day more, handling stress better, and being more present in your interpersonal relationships, check out the following confidence tips to attain the self esteem you need to enjoy your life.

1. List your favorite parts of yourself.

You can list body parts you think are your best features, characteristics you like about your personality, or skills you have accomplished. This list will gear you towards seeing the best in yourself. You will also have an opportunity to take inventory of your skills and assets to put them to their best use.

2. Make a list of the things you do not like about yourself.

You may think this is one of those negative confidence tips, but it is good to be able to see the areas of your self you would like to change, and then to love them anyways. When you can look at yourself and see your faults and still like yourself, you are on the road to self confidence simply by using these confidence tips..

Compare your like list with your dislike list. Often, we like many more parts of ourselves than we dislike.

3. Surround yourself with positive people.

When you surround yourself with people who are positive and uplifting, you give yourself the best chance of feeling confident and happy. Negative people can drain your self esteem away and leave you feeling depressed and in despair.

When you team up with positive, self confident people, you give yourself a model and guided on your own road to self confidence.
Like many confidence tips this is easy to start using.
4. For an entire day, do not say anything bad about yourself.

Do not make fun of yourself, do not criticize yourself, and do not apologize for things that are clearly not your fault. Many confidence tips depend on this - give your subconscious a day of total vacation from negativity and self-abuse.

These four confidence tips are just the beginning of a self confident lifestyle. You do not have to attempt them all at once, but can practice one until you feel comfortable enough with it to move on to the next one.

Using confidence tips is a journey of self discovery that will allow you to accept yourself fully bad parts and all. Do not be afraid to walk through your day with your head held high because you are worth it and, with a few confidence tips, you will soon agree.