Self Confidence Building
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How To Build Confidence One Skill at a Time

There are many skills necessary in your pursuit to build confidence. These skills will build confidence and enable you to both enjoy the good times and endure the hard times more efficiently.

You can build confidence daily by working on these skills and characteristics one at a time. These skills in the list below are those that accompany self confidence, and are necessary to fully enjoy life and relationships.

These skills often interact with one another, and you may find it easier to focus on a couple at a time rather than just one a day. However you choose to incorporate them, the following skills are crucial to build confidence.

1. Self awareness is the number one key to build confidence.

A person who is self aware can look at themselves objectively. Being able to objectively look at yourself is very important to really determining the good parts of your personality and the parts that are still developing.

A person who lack self confidence and is also not self aware may over exaggerate the parts of his or her personality they do not like, and neglect entirely the good parts that help to build confidence.

2. Patience is a key component to build confidence.

You must be patient with yourself and recognize that self confidence is a process, and each day is different. You may feel spectacular one day and awful the next. Be patient with yourself as you vascilate back and forth.

It is normal to have highs and lows as self esteem is developing. Patience will help you deal with these varying emotions as you come to accept yourself more and reach a middle ground.

3. Celebration. Practice celebrating the good parts of yourself to build confidence.

Look for ways to enjoy your good qualities or to put to use your skills. This will make you feel better, will strengthen and hone those skills and qualities, and will bring enjoyment to other people.

You need not throw confetti each time you successfully jump a hurdle in life, but at least take time to tell yourself you did a good job. Give to yourself the same encouragement you would give to a good friend, and you will begin to see you act like a good friend to yourself.

4. Tenacity is an important quality as you try to build confidence.

There will be good days and there will be bad days, but you will need perseverance to see yourself through the one to get back to the other as you build confidence.

Tenacity is a resilient tendency to keep fighting for what you believe in. In this case, you must believe in yourself. When you decide to have better self esteem, you will be put in situations where you will have to make a good decision for yourself in the long run.

Tenacity will enable you to choose the long run success over the short-term easy decision.

These skills and traits are those that can be practiced and each will lend a hand as you build confidence.